How Our Process Works

Alamo Academies operates under a demand-based education model. We set target enrollment levels, which are based on projected workforce demand.

A collaborative team identifies the curriculum pathway, recruitment, matriculation, and support systems via dual credit.

Students are bussed to the Alamo College campus’ on a daily basis so they can engage in 2.5 hours of lab and classroom. You are immersed into the college experience earning 30+ college credits at no cost and are able to earn a high school diploma, industry certifications*, and college certificates*.

You can earn an average of $3,000 by participating in an industry internship. Upon graduation, you may work in a high-demand STEM field or continue onto higher education.

*applied to certain academy

Who Participates in Alamo Academies?

Both students and employers participate in our programs. Students are recruited from more than 25 private and public school districts in the San Antonio area. Employers such as CPS Energy, H.E.B., Boeing, Toyota, StandardAero, Cox Manufacturing, and HOLT CAT allow our students to gain valuable hands-on work experience in high-demand STEM fields.